Christa Mitchell Byerley(non-registered)
So beautiful. Thank you for sharing your site with me.
Pete B.(non-registered)
Nice body of work Viking.
USS Patrick Henry SSBN 599 B/G '68-'72 STS2SS
Ed Yarbrough(non-registered)
Hello Glenn, Or should I say "Best of the day to you, Mighty Viking!"
I'm the Navy Senior Chief in the Submarine vest I was wearing for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in Temecula. And it was a great honor to be there and meet you. What a talented, introspective person you are.
One of my closest friends is Tom Ulrich, a world-class, internationally known wildlife photographer. Your shots are as good as his!
He was International Wildlife Photographer of the Year a few years ago, and there is so much similarity in your work that I'm surprised that you are not up for that recognition also.....
Anyway, it was great getting to meet you, and getting to know you. I look forward to our paths crossing again someday.
Semper fi, my friend.
Lew Foulk(non-registered)
Very nice photos Glenn, you have an excellent eye for form and beauty.
Ron Wallace(non-registered)
Outstanding Glenn!!!
The Mighty Viking Photography
Thanks, Delbe. I actually thought I did have cards available, but apparently not. They are now.
Delbe Meelhuysen(non-registered)
Hi Glenn. Have you considered making blank greeting cards for those of us still crazy enough to write and actually send something via snail mail?
Jani Shaw(non-registered)
This looks great, Glenn! I'm glad you have created a forum for displaying your beautiful photographs. I did not, however, see the black and white flower that I like so well. I'll have to come back again to look for it. :-)
Jared Kobylka(non-registered)
Its great to see the amazing assortment of pics put together on your website. very clean, and well organized. I enjoy seeing any new ones too!
Anthony Armstrong(non-registered)
Its nice to see you have your website up and running!!! The pictures are just amazing, you are very talented when it comes to photography.
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